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We want to create a platform that connects Teachers and Students with minimum fees possible in Malaysia. Join us to make it happens.

Why Jom Learning?

Precious Time Saving

Did you know that on average at least 26 minutes out of 24 hours are used just for commuting to work daily? It is 9 days out of a year if you prefer a bigger image.

Time is precious and we know that. With Jom Learning, you can save your time without the need to commuting to a place to give lectures or attend classes.

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On-Demand Videos

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can watch them anytime and anywhere you want, via an logged in device. Feel free to pick the time that suit you the most to optimize your revision with Jom Learning

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We Follow Your Schedule

Jom Learning follows your schedule! You have full flexibility of your enrollment

  • enroll to any subject or course when you feel free, and
  • attend lessons when you are free to attend
  • no more fixed time lessons
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Select Favorite Tutor

Jom Learning team consists of passionate people who like to share, but we have our own teaching approaches. Feel free to preview our subjects or courses to find out the tutor that suit you the most before enrolling.

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Coming Soon

Attend Specific Chapter

Although we recommend you to take full subjects or courses, we do prepare some single chapter courses in case you need just one particular chapter of a subject.

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Free Courses Giveaway

You earn badges and Jom Learning Points when you meet some criteria. As your Jom Learning Points increase, a series of free courses will be unlocked and are accessible to you. Learn more, earn more!

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Coming Soon

We Are Multilingual

Jom Learning is trying to get our subjects or courses multilingual. Be sure to join our newsletter here so you will be notified at the first time when something great that interest you is available.

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Coming Soon
Complete Materials

Materials that cover everything you need to know to dominate your career or academy.

Dedicated Quizzes

Dedicated assessment for each subject and course, to test how firm your understanding is.

Conducted By Experts

Lessons are conducted by industry experts that are passionate in sharing and teaching.

Study At Your Own Pace

Because your classroom is everywhere now

Jom Reward Coming Soon

Jom Reward is a reward system of Jom Learning which you will receive some points along your learning journey with us. When certain criteria were met, a notification will be visible to you, saying that you have earned some points. The points can then be used to unlock a series of rewards and free courses.

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